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TimeRoom OneRoom Two
11amOpening CeremoniesCLOSED
12pmNova 3 – A Sneak Peak
Agent Phoenix
Trek Trivia
Charles Star [IDF]
1pmWorld Creation
Radamere [PF] & AlexM [PF]
0 to 10 in Record Time: How To Distinguish Your Game In 2020
2pmYour Writing Toolbox
Radamere [PF]
Ways to be Wicked
Beautiful Night
3pmCharacter Creation & Development
Giang/River [MFU]
Starships – More Than Just Vehicles
CipherHornet [PF]
4pmStorytelling vs Roleplay
AlexM [PF]
ST: Discovery – Do Kelpians Grow Beards? [Spoilers]
Ken Gillis [IDF]
5pmRPG Ratings – What do they really mean?
Amanda Rose
Star Trek & RP Family Feud
Charles Star [IDF]
6pmClosing CeremoniesCLOSED